BANGLADESH: Enforced Disappearances should not be taken for granted

The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) brings the continuing enforced and involuntary disappearances in Bangladesh to the attention of the United Nations Human Rights Council, seeking active effort to facilitate redress to victims and to the families of the disappeared. The ALRC is reiterating its grave concern for the reality of enforced disappearances in Bangladesh. The global human rights community is aware of the fact that enforced disappearance is a “crime against humanity” and thus, is not subject to a statute of limitations. Sadly, there is hardly any visible initiative from the international community to address the situation of enforced disappearances. The ALRC is not urging the Human Rights Council […]

BANGLADESH: UN can assist government reform justice institutions to protecting people from arbitrary detention

The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) directs the attention of the United Nations Human Rights Council UNHRC) and the Special Procedures to the epidemic of arbitrary detention in Bangladesh, requesting the UNHRC and the Special Procedures to engage actively to protect the people of the country. Deprivation of liberty through arbitrary detention has become a norm of law-enforcement and as default method to “rule” the country for those who legitimately or illegitimately occupy office. Different draconian legislations enable the government and the law-enforcement agencies in the process of arbitrary detention. The laws that are most commonly used for detaining people arbitrarily are: i) Information and Communications Technology Act-2006 (Amended in […]

BANGLADESH: Justice mechanisms require re-engineering

The United Nations Human Rights Council is now ten years of age. Since its inception a decade ago, the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) has participated in the Council, with special focus on the independence of the judges and lawyers in many Asian countries like Bangladesh. The ALRC has reiterated the need for comprehensive understanding into the realities of justice mechanisms in Bangladesh. It has also highlighted the necessity of effective contribution from the Special Procedures of the UN Human Rights mechanisms and the international community.

BANGLADESH: Democracy and competent justice mechanisms needed to stop extrajudicial executions

There has been a continuing discussion about extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions at the United Nations Human Rights Council, which has now been in operation for ten years since inception. The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) has shared analytical information with the Council underlining the depth of the systemic human rights problems in Bangladesh in the last ten years. There is a dire need to review the UN Human Rights mechanisms in order to address extrajudicial executions, flagrant violations of the right to life.

BANGLADESH: Effective interventions needed for protecting people’s freedom of expression

Exercising the right to freedom of opinion and expression has become more challenging than ever in Bangladesh. The government uses a number of draconian laws and institutions, including the Judiciary, to silence citizens, especially human rights defenders and members of the civil society. Citizens are being imprisoned and detained for making critical comments about the Prime Minister and her family in social networking sites like Facebook. The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) once again raises the matter with the United Nations Human Rights Council, seeking its effective intervention to promote and protect these rights.

BANGLADESH: Justice institutions need fundamental change to address torture

The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) is making its Written Submission to the 31st Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council when the Council is about to celebrate its ten-year anniversary. Adequate attention should be paid to Bangladesh’s policing system, which is guaranteed blanket immunity by the government, despite the most heinous crimes being committed by officers.

ASIA: Situation of human rights defenders in China, Thailand, and Bangladesh

A Written Submission to the 31st Regular Session of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council by the Asian Legal Resource Centre The Asian Legal Resource Centre wishes to direct the attention of the Human Rights Council to the critical situation of human rights defenders in China, Bangladesh, and Thailand. While this Council is holding its 31st Regular Session, human rights defenders in these three countries are facing dire threats to their person and profession. Members of the Council, at least 290 lawyers are currently being held in detention in China, for nothing more than undertaking their professional responsibilities. Many have had their licences revoked. Almost all of them have been […]

BANGLADESH: Continued Enforced Disappearances need to be urgently addressed

We call for the return of the disappeared to their families, and remind the Bangladeshi authorities of their responsibility to fully investigate and ensure justice for these crimes. Bangladesh has ratified the Rome Statute of the ICC; therefore it legally recognizes enforced disappearance as an international crime, and is bound to ensure accountability.

BANGLADESH: Government repression and intimidation of families of victims of enforced disappearance

In areas outside Dhaka, other commemorations were also met with threats and police deployment. However, with the support of local civil society activists, the families of the disappeared went ahead with the events, and commemorations were successfully held in Khulna, Rajshahi, and Rajbari district among others.