NEPAL: Speed up Transitional Justice Process

A Written Submission to the 34th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council by the Asian Legal Resource Centre The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) wishes to draw the attention of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to the transitional justice process in Nepal. Please note the lack of amendments to the Transitional Justice Acts. Additionally, enactment of particular, necessary laws is needed. There is a shortage of funds and human resources to accomplish this process.

NEPAL: Universal Periodic Review has become mere ritual

An Oral Statement to the 31st Session of the UN Human Rights Council from the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) on the Universal Periodic Review Outcomes on Nepal. Due to time constraints in Council proceedings, the following Oral Statement could not be presented at the Council. The Statement is now being shared to inform the wider audience in Nepal and across the world about the ALRC’s campaign on institutional transformation in Nepal.

NEPAL: At the occasion of the Universal Periodic Review NGOs call on Nepal to end impunity for torture and other serious human rights violations

The entrenched impunity for past crimes committed allows for ongoing human rights violations in the country. The stakeholder submission details Nepal’s systemic practice of torture in detention and the lack of implementation of recommendations by the Committee against Torture. Nepal has neither passed legislation that criminalizes torture, nor has it put a system in place that allows for meaningful redress or adequate compensation for torture victims.

Submission to the Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review concerning the human rights situation in Nepal

Though the government was quite positive to address the EJKs during the previous UPR recommendation number 107.15, at least four EJKs in the Terai region since 28 March 2014 indicate that there is a re-emerging trend of EJKs after a gap of several months since the last recorded case. These victims are Madhu Tajpuriya from Morang , Chhatu Sahani from Sarlahi, Rajaram Jha from Dhanusha, and Jaya Narayan Patel from Bara. This trend of EJKs by security forces persists despite the previous recommendations of the UN Human Rights Committee and UN OHCHR.

NEPAL: International community must immediately help internally displaced people

The Nepal Government, on its part, has been found to be wanting on various counts, including a near complete absence of presence outside Kathmandu valley. Nepal has not seen local body elections for decades and this has resulted in a serious administrative crisis on the ground. As only the bureaucrats govern most of these areas, with no checks and balances from elected representatives, allegations of corruption and incompetence abound. The earthquake has brought all these issues to the fore.