SOUTH KOREA: Eugene Soh, a great lover of genuine democracy passes away. 진정 민주주의를 사랑했던 서유진 선생 세상을 떠나다

Click here to Read the Korean Version On 16th May 2019, Eugene Soh, a man who dedicated his entire adult life working to defeat the military dictatorship in South Korea, passed away after a brief illness. Mahatma is a South Asian word meaning great soul. Eugene Soh was definitely a man who had a very great soul, a compassionate heart with a constant commitment to genuine democracy and for ordinary people. It was certainly a great privilege to have been associated with this unpretentious man whose mind was preoccupied with the great problems of our times. I first got to know Eugene Soh around 1995 during a Youth Meeting organized […]

SRI LANKA: AHRC’s Letter to Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith on Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Attacks on Churches and Hotels

Cardinal Malcolm RanjithArchbishop’s House, Colombo – 8, Sri Lanka Phone: +94 11-2695471-2-3 / 2696054 Fax: +94 11-2692009 Email: /  Dear Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, On behalf of the Asian Human Rights Commission, we are writing to express our solidarity with the Catholic community in Sri Lanka, as well as the entire Sri Lankan people, who have experienced fear and trauma as a result of the brutal and horrendous terrorist attacks that killed more than 359 persons, and injured many more, as well as damaging three churches and some tourist hotels. At this painful time, we wish to share through you our concern and support for the families of those who have suffered, […]

WORLD: International justice is crucial to durable solutions to the Rohingya crisis

Regional human rights groups mapped key strategies targeting that the Rohingya people are at the centre of moves. Rights activists and professionals called the international community to expedite justice for atrocity crimes including genocide and crimes against humanity that have forced most of the community to flee Myanmar. The strategic actions are believed to empower Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries. It should enable the community to engage with international justice mechanisms. The International Criminal Court (ICC), the United Nations International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM) and states that exercise universal jurisdiction are chosen as prioritised institutions and stakeholders for constant engagements. Broader efforts are […]

INDONESIA: New Penal Code Bill must protect freedom of religion and belief

A Written Submission to the UN Human Rights Council by the Asian Legal Resource Centre The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) wishes to inform the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) about Indonesia’s existing blasphemy law and the recurrent criminalization of persons belonging to minority religions under its article 156a, as well as article 326 of the New Penal Code Bill. Article 156a of the Indonesian Penal Code (KUHP) constitutes a serious problem to freedom of religion and belief in Indonesia. The article posits that, “By a maximum imprisonment of five years shall be punished any person who deliberately in public gives expression to feelings or commits an act. (a) which […]

BANGLADESH: Criminalisation of torture goes hand in hand with institutionalisation

A Written Submission to the 40th Regular Session of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council by the Asian Legal Resource Centre The United Nations Human Rights Council’s faulty electoral system has adopted Bangladesh as a member of the highest global rights body from 2019 to 2021 despite the State’s deliberate failure to fully cooperate with the Council. Bangladesh’s re-election to the Council has taken place at a time when the country’s government is hiding its catastrophic domestic human rights records behind the showcase of accommodating the Rohingya refugees, who fled to escape a systemic genocide in Myanmar. The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) has been consistently submitting analytical documentations to […]

INDIA: Country must bring its missing children back

A Written Submission to the UN Human Rights Council by the Asian Legal Resource CentreI Recently, Aawaj, a partner organisation of the Asian Legal Resource Centre, in India along with Madhya Pradesh Police busted a multi state child-sale racket and helped rescuing many children sold to different families. The bust, sadly, exposes only the tip of India’s human trafficking problem with children being its worst victim. They are trafficked for various reasons including forcing them into child labour, commercial sex work and for forced marriage, domestic work, and forced begging. Though there are various reasons why so many children go missing in India, destitution is one of the most important […]