4th Session – 2007 March

4th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

BANGLADESH – council member:

1. Extra-judicial killing and impunity in Bangladesh | [ Word Format [ PDF Format]

2. The State of Emergency in Bangladesh | [ Word Format]   [ PDF Format ]


3. Land-grabbing, corruption and the absence of the rule of law in Cambodia | [ Word Format]   [ PDF Format]

INDONESIA – council member:

4. The question of impunity in Indonesia | [ Word Format] [PDF Format]

5. Failure to implement the recommendations of the Committee Against Torture allows for the continuing widespread use of torture |
[Word Format] [ PDF Format]


6. Myanmar’s degraded judiciary and a system of injustice | [Word Format] [ PDF Format]

7. Violent crime caused by the un-rule of law in Myanmar | [ Word Format] [ PDF Format]


8. Prolonged disappearances and persistent impunity underline the absence of justice and human rights | [ Word Format] [PDF Format]

PAKISTAN- council member:

9. A leading light in rights or a front-runner in abuse? | [ World Format] [ PDF Format]

PHILIPPINES – council member:

10. Lack of security and protection aiding and abetting extra-judicial killings, forced disappearances and impunity for these acts |
Word Format] [ PDF Format]

SRI LANKA- council member:

11. Failure to comply with article 2 of the ICCPR to provide adequate remedies for violations of rights | [ Word Format] [ PDF Format]

12. Enforced or involuntary disappearances in Sri Lanka | [ Word Format] [ PDF Format]

13. Non-implementation of decisions of the Human Rights Committee and recommendations of other UN bodies | [ Word Format] [ PDF Format]

14. The problems of immunity and impunity in Sri Lanka | [ Word Format] [ PDF Format]

15. Death threats and infringements of Article 9 of the ICCPR | [Word Format] [ PDF Format]


16. No effective way to complain about abuses by the state in Thailand: an Article 2 violation | [ Word Format] [PDF Format]

17. Military coup a disaster for the rule of law and human rights in Thailand | [Word Format] [ PDF Format]

18. The Emergency Decree and absolute impunity in southern Thailand | [ Word Format] [ PDF Format]

19. Defective criminal justice institutions cause systemic and widespread rights abuse in Thailand | [ Word Format] [ PDF Format]

20. The disappearance of a person and the disappearance of justice in Thailand | [ Word Format] [ PDF Format]


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