61st Session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights – 2005

Written  Statements   
Item 6: Racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and all forms of discrimination

1. Caste-based Discrimination in India | [Word Format E/CN.4/2005/NGO/56  [PDF Format]

2. Hunger in Asia [Word Format]E/CN.4/2005/NGO/57 [PDF Format]

3. Right to food in India [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/59  [ PDF Format]

4. Hunger and un-rule of law in Myanmar [Word Format]   E/CN.4/2005/NGO/58   [PDF Format]

5. Forcible take-over of land in Sri Lanka [Word Format] E/CN.4/2005/NGO/110  [PDF Format]

6. Right to food in Thailand [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/60  [PDF Format]

Item 11: Civil and political rights

11(a) Torture and detention

7. Torture in Bangladesh [Word Format] E/CN.4/2005/NGO/32  [PDF Format]

8. Growth of torture and impunity in Thailand [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/62 [ PDF Format]
9. Custodial deaths and torture in India [Word FormatE/CN.4/2005/NGO/61 [ PDF Format ]

10. Deplorable conditions of detention in India [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/111  [PDF Format]

11. Treatment of detainees under Malaysia’s Internal Security Act [ Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/33  [ PDF Format ]

12. Torture and zero rule of law in Nepal [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/64  [PDF Format]

13. Threats to lives of torture victims in Sri Lanka and the lack of witness protection [Word Format] E/CN.4/2005/NGO/63 [PDF Format]

11 (b) Disappearances and summary executions

14. Enforced disappearances and zero rule of law in Nepal [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/35  [PDF Format]

15. Enforced or involuntary disappearances in Sri Lanka [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/36  [PDF Format]

16. Disappearance of a prominent human rights lawyer and impunity in Thailand [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/34  [PDF Format]

17. Mass extrajudicial killings and impunity in Thailand [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/44  [PDF Format]

11 (c) Freedom of expression

18. Freedom of expression in Asia [ Word Format ]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/37  [ PDF Format ]

19. Criminal defamation and growing restrictions to freedom of expression in Thailand [Word Format ]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/112  [PDF Format]

11 (d) Independence of the judiciary, administration of justice, impunity

20. Farcical and illegal trial without witnesses in Cambodia [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/39 [PDF Format]

21. Delayed justice dispensation system destroying rule of law in India [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/107  [PDF Format]
22. Impunity and the un-rule of law in Myanmar [Word Format] E/CN.4/2005/NGO/41 [PDF Format]

23. Zero rule of law in Nepal [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/47  [PDF Format]

24. The right to fair trial in South Asia [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/45  [PDF Format]

25. Damage to the courts and denial of the right to a fair trial in Sri Lanka [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/38  [PDF Format]

26. Threats and intimidation to those who seek justice in Sri Lanka [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/108  [PDF Format]

27. The independence of the judiciary in Sri Lanka [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/42  [PDF Format]

28. Flawed policing, maladministration of justice and forensic science in Thailand [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/40  [PDF Format]

29. Witness protection and compensation for victims of rights abuses in Thailand [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/46  [PDF Format]

30. Justice for victims of East Timor’s 1999 violence [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/43 [PDF Format]

11 (e) Religious intolerance

31. Religious intolerance in Asia [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/48  [PDF Format]

11 (f) States of emergency

32. Declaration of emergency in Sri Lanka [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2004/NGO/109 [PDF Format]

12 Integration of the human rights of women and the gender perspective: (a) Violence against women

33. Dowry-related violence against women in Bangladesh [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/49  [PDF Format]

34. Diabolical torture of women and zero rule of law in Nepal [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/50  [PDF Format]

35. Rape and the failure to provide justice in Sri Lanka [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/116  [PDF Format]

13 Rights of the Child

36. Gross acts of violence against children and zero rule of law in Nepal [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/51  [PDF Format]

14 Specific groups and individuals:

14 (c) Mass exoduses and displaced persons

37. Prolonging the crisis of Bhutanese refugees [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/52  [PDF Format]

17 Promotion and protection of human rights:

17 (a) Status of International Covenants on Human Rights

38. Implementation of the First Optional Protocol of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in Sri Lanka [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/53  [PDF Format]

18 Effective functioning of human rights mechanisms:

18 (b) National institutions and regional arrangements

39. Poor quality staff undermining work of Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/54  [PDF Format]

18 (c) Adaptation and strengthening of the United Nations machinery for human rights

40. What can be done when nothing can be done? [Word Format]  E/CN.4/2005/NGO/55  [PDF Format]

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