ASIA: States should commit to ensure adequate resources for Special Procedure mandates to function effectively

An Oral Statement to the 34th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council from the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC)

Mr. President,

It takes sustained efforts and resources for organisations like the ALRC to report to the Special Procedures mandates, cases of human rights violations. The expectation is, that when cases are reported, mandate holders are in a position to promptly act. Unfortunately, our experience is that all Special Procedure mandate holders face acute paucity in resources, sufficient staff members, and other facilities for them to effectively act upon the information and complaints they receive.

Two concerns arise out of the current situation are: (i) despite their earnestness to engage on each one of the complaints received, the offices of the mandate holders cannot cope-up with the demand for engagement; and (ii) when complaints are not promptly acted upon, it sets in deep demoralisation within grassroots human rights defenders and victims who at the risk of their lives tries to engage with the UN on matters of immediate importance.

We are aware that this is not an issue this Council could address by itself. We call upon all Member States, particularly those present at this council, to pay heed to the requests by the UN, the Mandates, and agencies like the ALRC, to ensure adequate resources for the UN mandates to undertake their duties.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Webcast video: Link (Please scroll down and click on video clip number 15 to find the statement of Asian Legal Resource Centre.)

Date: March 17, 2017
Speaker: Erik Wendt
HRC Section: General Debate – Agenda Item: 5

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The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) works towards the radical rethinking & fundamental redesigning of justice institutions in Asia, to ensure relief and redress for victims of human rights violations, as per Common Article 2 of the International Conventions. Sister organisation to the Asian Human Rights Commission, the ALRC is based in Hong Kong & holds general consultative status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations.

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