MYANMAR: A state that requires the foundations for justice institutions to be built to achieve a stable change

The Asian Legal Resource Centre congratulates the people of Myanmar for successfully and peacefully electing a democratic government through national elections held in November 2015. The country and its people are, however, for all practical purposes still under the influence of militarisation that has gripped the country since 1959. For instance, the people of Myanmar and their institutions do not have a memory of independent justice institutions. Concepts like presumption of innocence, right to silence, and independent adjudication of disputes have never been given a chance to take root in the country. Instead what is rooted is the dependence upon the patronage of the powerful, a character that is deeply […]

INDONESIA: No effective judicial process or remedy for victims of summary executions

1. Although Indonesia’s Constitution guarantees the right to life, the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) wishes to inform the UN Human Rights Council that summary executions occur frequently in Indonesia. The targets are most often indigenous people and human rights defenders.

INDIA: Woeful implementation of welfare schemes responsible for high malnutrition among children

“Among children under age six years in areas covered by an anganwadicentre, one in four (26 percent) received supplementary food from an AWC, one in five received an immunization from an AWC, and one in six went to an AWC for a health check-up in the 12 months preceding the survey.”

ASIA: Situation of human rights defenders in China, Thailand, and Bangladesh

A Written Submission to the 31st Regular Session of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council by the Asian Legal Resource Centre The Asian Legal Resource Centre wishes to direct the attention of the Human Rights Council to the critical situation of human rights defenders in China, Bangladesh, and Thailand. While this Council is holding its 31st Regular Session, human rights defenders in these three countries are facing dire threats to their person and profession. Members of the Council, at least 290 lawyers are currently being held in detention in China, for nothing more than undertaking their professional responsibilities. Many have had their licences revoked. Almost all of them have been […]