Tribunal Standing Members

The Permanent People’s Tribunal on the right to food and the rule of law in Asia has invited a number of eminent persons who are deeply involved in the human rights movements in their respective countries to sit on its panel. As the Tribunal’s work progresses, these persons will be called upon to assess and investigate food and justice conditions in the region. The initial panel has four standing members, as follows:

        1 Professor Buddhadeb Chaudhuri is the Dr Ambedkar Chair Professor in Anthropology at the University of Calcutta. He is also the coordinator of the newly introduced International Postgraduate Programme on Human Rights at the university. He has wide connections among civic organizations, extensive experience in different parts of South and Southeast Asia, and has published on a range of topics.
2 Professor Kwak Nohyun is an Associate Professor of Law at the Korean National Open University, renowned for his work in the fields of human rights law, labour law and social issues in Korea. He was previaously a non-standing member of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea. He has played a leading role in the building of an open and democratic society in Korea, for which he has received awards and accolades.
3 Justice H. Suresh, a retired judge from the Bombay High Court, is a leader of the people’s tribunal movement in India. He was a member of the People’s Tribunal on food scarcity and militarization in Burma, and most recently served as a member of the Concerned Citizen’s Tribunal-Gujarat 2002.
4 Professor Mark Tamthai is the retired director of the Center for Philosophy and Public Policy, at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. He was a member of the People’s Tribunal on food scarcity and militarization in Burma. He remains deeply involved in conflict resolution work in Thailand.