Lesson Series 67: Prison visits in the Philippines

The Issue The conditions of prisons in many Asian countries give rise to further abuse and human rights violations, including torture and ill treatment. While existing human rights standards provide for prisoners to have the same human rights as everyone else, with certain limitations due to liberty restrictions, the reality is far different. Throughout Asia, […]

Lesson Series 65: India: Caste discrimination

The Issue Discrimination of any kind, be it racial, religious or gender based, is a gross violation of basic human rights. Such discrimination directly affects the realization of all human rights, including civil and political rights, as well as economic and social rights. Caste discrimination–most commonly occurring in South Asia—is discrimination based upon descent, whereby […]

Lesson Series 64: Corruption and its effects on human rights in Asia

The Issue Corruption and its ill effects can be found throughout Asia, from government officials, politicians, social welfare institutes to business practices and routine daily affairs. The prevalence of corruption is directly linked to a breakdown in the rule of law. On the one hand, when justice institutions are not functioning, when the law is […]

Lesson Series 61: The right to be free from torture

The Issue The right to be free from torture is absolute and constitutes a non-derogable state obligation. Despite this, countries throughout Asia continue to see widespread acts of torture committed by police and military officers. In many countries, policing systems are inextricably bound to the practice of torture. The direct or indirect state sponsorship of […]