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Our Team



Amila Sampath : The programme was the result of the concept introduced and developed by a young Sri Lankan journalist Amila Sampath who studied journalism at the College of Journalism in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has made hundreds of videos for the local NGO, Janasansadaya – The People’s Forum, reporting on torture abuse and other human rights violations from all over Sri Lanka. He subsequently worked as a journalist at Sri Lankan Sirasa TV Channel (news) for two years where he was involved in all aspects of producing news packages and feature reports, before relocating to Hong Kong to join the AHRC. Amila now handles the production, directing and editing of the weekly news roundup, as well as many other video productions in the organisation.”




Meryam Dabhoiwala: Meryam Dabhoiwala has been writing and editing various material on human rights for the AHRC since 2003. She has an MA in International and Public Affairs from the University of Hong Kong. Her interests include issues relating to women, justice institutions and human rights law.



Annie LinAnnie Lin has been anchoring for Just Asia since 2017. She has a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Copenhagen, and works as a community organizer in Society for Community Organization (SoCO). Her interests include prisoners’ rights and criminal justice.




  • Basil Fernando
  • Baseer Naweed
  • Bijo Francis
  • Avinash Pandey
  • Chris Biantoro
  • Christine Rombaoa
  • Danilo Reyes
  • Diana Mariano
  • Prakash Mohara
  • Tharanga Jayawardena
  • Md Ashrafuzzaman
  • Noreen Naw
  • Phattranit Yaodam