Weekly Roundup, EPISODE 10

The Asian Human Rights Commission wishes to inform you that we have released the 10th Episode of the Human Rights Asia Weekly Roundup today, December 18, 2013.

In this week’s news roundup we begin by taking you to Burma, also known as Myanmar, for a special report taking a look at the progress made three years after the direct military rule was replaced with a new partly-civilian government.

Several human rights defenders, who have been covering Burma for many years, give their views on how half a century of military rule still permeates the society on many levels, from land rights to corruption to military impunity. An activist from Kachin in northernmost Burma talks about the civil war still raging in the quest for resources by the government as well as China.

Next we take you to Sri Lanka where Parliamentarian Eran Wickramaratne tells Parliament that police torture must stop.

We continue with our coverage of the situation in Bangladesh, which is aflame in political violence and in the ongoing violent struggle for power the government has executed the death penalty on a pro-opposition Islamist party member for committing war crimes. The defence has alleged that the death penalty was executed in a hurry, denying any right to have a mercy claim regarding the verdict.

We also bring you a special report on continued incidents of sexual harassment in workplaces across India and the difficulties faced by victims in accessing justice.

Finally from the Philippines, we bring you the news of how Mohjeennar Dagam Cabalo was finally set free after nine months of detention, after the police used a false witness to arrest him in place of another man, so that the police could reap a hefty reward for the real culprit.

The bulletin can be watched online at AHRC You Tube. We welcome human rights news feeds to be considered for the weekly news bulletin, and your suggestions to improve our news channel. Please write to news@ahrc.asia. You can also watch our Weekly Roundup on Facebook.


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