Weekly Roundup, Episode 13

The Asian Human Rights Commission has now released of the 13th episode of the Human Rights Asia Weekly Roundup.

We start this episode with an extensive report from Assam, India. A government crackdown over the last few years labeled thousands of people living in Assam as “foreigners”, in a seemingly random fashion. Many have lost their voting rights, families are broken up and children are living with their alleged “foreign” mothers in prison, waiting for their cases to be resolved. Many decades will be required to clear the backlog of pending cases.

In the Philippines, three farmers rights activists have finally been released after enduring torture and false imprisonment for four years.

Post-election violence continues unabated in Bangladesh, targeting non-Muslims in the populous country.

Yet another man has fallen victim to abduction and killing, allegedly by Special Task Force members in Sri Lanka.

Indonesian police have shot dead six “terrorist” suspects after a stand-off on Java. However, the human rights organization KontraS challenges the claim that the victims were in fact “terrorists”, after conducting their own fact-finding investigation. We talk to KontraS about their findings.

Lastly, some good news from Nepal, where the Supreme Court has rejected amnesty for people involved in serious human rights violations committed during the 10-year civil war.

The AHRC TV News can be viewed online at AHRC YouTube and we welcome human rights feeds to be considered for the weekly news bulletin and your suggestions to improve our news channel. Please write to news@ahrc.asia. You can also watch our Weekly Roundup on Facebook.


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