Weekly Roundup, Episode 58

In this week’s episode of Weekly Roundup covers a wide range of events in Bangladesh, Burma, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

The episode begins with analysis of legal developments in Pakistan. Hear what AHRC experts have to say on the increase in power granted to military courts.

Next, AHRC TV turns to Burma where new protests over land confiscated for a Chinese copper mine have lead to violence and death. A local expert describes how this fits into the bigger problem of land rights in the nation.

The AHRC believe the India government is making a habit of politicizing every event for their own gain, even when it requires misleading the public. The sinking of a “terrorist” boat is a recent example.

Bangladesh sees an increase in violence as the government in power cracks down of rallies and protest organized by their political opposition.

Finally, Basil Fernando provides us with special insight into the recent, monumental, presidential elections in Sri Lanka.

The bulletin can be watched online at AHRC YouTube. We welcome both human rights feeds to be considered for weekly news bulletin, and your suggestions to improve our news channel. Please write to news@ahrc.asia. You can also watch our Weekly Roundup on Facebook.


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