Weekly Roundup, Episode 67

In this week’s Roundup, AHRC TV covers stories from Burma, the Philippines, and Pakistan.

Police and mob violence against peaceful demonstrators in Burma has sown doubt about the democratisation process in the country. AHRC TV talks to several people on the ground about recent crackdowns in Rangoon and Letpadan and whether police are continuing to use armed civilian gangs to do their dirty work.

In the Philippines, labour activist Renante Gamara, who has been detained for two years, faces further fabricated murder changes to silence him.

Finally AHRC TV turns to Pakistan, where the government has lifted a de facto moratorium on carrying out executions. Hundreds of death row prisoners now face the gallows, including Shafqat Hussain who was reportedly only 14-years-old when he was convicted of murder after a confession extracted under severe torture. Hussain was scheduled to be executed last week but, after an international outcry, has been given a last minute reprieve of another month. Pakistan’s judicial system is notoriously corrupt and torture is a standard method of investigating crimes.

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