MYANMAR: International Community needs decisive actions to end militarism for establishing democracy and human rights

An Oral Statement to the 47th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council from the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC)

Madam President:

As there are profound concerns over the latest military coup in Myanmar and subsequent violence offends the conscience of humanity, the urgent questions before the international community should be what to do at this time by way of effective measures to reverse such blatant attack on democracy, international human rights law and attacks on lives and liberties of people.

We have witnessed that around a million survivors of genocide were forced to take shelter in neighbouring Bangladesh, the international community was apparently relieved that the Rohingya exudes did not march toward Europe as their next destination. Years’ of ineffective actions have empowered the Tatmadaw to topple the civilian representatives in February this year leading to further escalation of violence against the dominant communities.

We pose the following questions to this Council: 1. How continuous struggle for democratisation, rule of law, and human rights to be carried out now in Myanmar? 2. How to ensure the continuity of decades of struggles against the military rule in that country? 3. Can peace be established without the presence of the UN-led peace mission with mandate and resources to ensure the end of the use of violence? 4. What are the measures needed to ensure criminal inquiries into the deaths and other forms of violence that occurred in recent months? 5. How could the High Commissioner’s Office evolve urgency measures to deal with the above-mentioned issues?

Thank you, Madam President.

UN Web TV Video Link: (For watching the Statement at the UN Web TV, please click the video link at 01:12:38 to find Asian Legal Resource Centre)

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The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) works towards the radical rethinking & fundamental redesigning of justice institutions in Asia, to ensure relief and redress for victims of human rights violations, as per Common Article 2 of the International Conventions. Sister organisation to the Asian Human Rights Commission, the ALRC is based in Hong Kong & holds general consultative status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations.

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