This book consists of several essays written over a long period of
time. They all converge on the problem of impunity and the impact
it has on individuals and the legal system as a whole. The individual
cases that are discussed and reflected on in this book illustrate things
that routinely happen within the criminal justice framework of Sri
Lanka. Through individual stories, it is possible to narrate what
happens when people seek justice for perceived wrongs.

It is important to understand the gravity and nature of the
wrongs people suffer under dysfunctional legal systems. For example,
in one of the cases, a man went to the Supreme Court to complain
about being tortured by the police. The court, having examined
the facts, allowed him leave to proceed with the case. The alleged
perpetrators were taken to court to answer the allegations. During
this time, as the police had filed a fabricated case against him, the
man was required to go to the police station on certain days to sign
in as a bail requirement. As he was afraid to go, he asked his mother
to accompany him. One day, they did not return from their visit
to the police station. Having waited for many hours, his father, a
vegetable seller, went to the police station looking for him. He did
not return either.

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