SPECIAL ISSUE: Torture in Thailand’s deep south

Introduction: Torture in Thailand’s deep south
Editorial board, article 2

Torture and ill treatment in Thailand’s deep south
Cross Cultural Foundation, Duayjai, and Patani
Human Rights Organisation

Annex: The death in custody of Abduldayib Dolah

Rehabilitation of survivors of violence
David W. Engstrom, Professor of Social Work,
San Diego State University

Human rights defenders under attack in Thailand, again
Thailand Desk, Asian Human Rights Commission

Documenting torture in Thailand: A conversation with
Pornpen Khongkachonkiet 61
Comics for Human Rights

Thailand: Survivors of torture denied justice by military dictatorship
Asian Legal Resource Centre

Appendix: The force of the gun camouflaged as law—
Two years of rule by the NCPO
Thai Lawyers for Human Rights

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